April 15, 2020

On my solitary and socially distant walks, I think about what words to write here and what photos I might share.  Then, in the face of almost 27,000 deaths just in the United States, let alone the whole world,  I know I can’t write about socks, as I recently mentioned.

afternoon walk garb, pandemic

I wake in early hours beset with worry and sorrow. I go down the list of my loved ones: please be safe. If you can’t be safe, please know I love you.

My glass half-full is leaking.

Still, I try to say thanks and to be grateful and that helps.

Thank you

  • to all the thousands–millions–of medical workers, service workers, cleaners, post office workers, workers from home, moms and dads, the workers now without jobs, the volunteers, the homeless, and the hungry–all of you.
  • to Rebekah, Donna, Dorothy, and all the others making face masks here in the land of plenty.
  • to the food banks, Jose Andres, David Guas, and all the others in my neighborhood and in yours feeding people.
  • to Shilpa, who got us our groceries, and all the other helpers.
  • to my friends for being in my heart, as always.

face mask

I am grateful

  • for Tom and our children. I say their names in the early morning darkness. Be safe, be well.
  • for my parents, brothers, and their families– even more grateful these days.
  • for the mockingbird who sings on the top of the holly tree in the (almost) secret garden I have been walking in alone this past month.
  • for the other birds and the flowers and the spring trees.

mockingbird on holly tree

cherry petals and liriope

Freedom Park, Arlington, Virginia, April 2020

Please be safe and please be well and I will try to do the same. I will be back soon.


2 thoughts on “April 15, 2020

  1. maryannflorez

    Hi, Lynda, beautiful as always. I’m always amazed how such a comforting, thought-filled, thoughtful and gentle voice can impart such strength. Thank you for always sharing what’s in your heart straightforwardly and without pretense. It always makes me feel greatly but calmly. Pretty strange times that we’re in. I can’t help but wonder how different things will be, how different I might be, on the other side of this. Or worse–how quickly it will all go back to business as usual. I think about our Ottolenghi dinners and how good it will feel to get back to them. I enjoy them so much, in so many ways. I’m glad you are getting out for walks. Taking walks on these beautiful spring days has been saving me and my sanity. We’re teleworking and I’m finding it more stressful than being in the office. I’m terrible at it, trying to stay focused and knowing how and when to turn it all off. We’ve been trying for a month to get up some online instruction, you know, the way we think we should: with integrity, not slap-dash, something that might be continually useful and not just one and done, something with a semblance of human interaction. It’s not easy with state and school system demands and now complete chaos in the online platforms and tech of FCPS.  So many good people trying to do good work and feeling like Sisyphus and his boulder. Oh well, it will all pass. Like you, I just want all my people to be standing by the end. So far so good. My niece in Manassas had her baby at the beginning of April. We can only see him through the window but they send us lots of pics and videos. He’s adorable. And my niece and her husband and baby in FL are good, so I’m thankful for that, too. Stay safe and well. Give my best to Tom, with a social-distanced hug. And of course one for you. We’ll set a date when this is over and get back to good food and even better company. MaryAnn

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    1. lyndaterrill Post author

      Dear MaryAnn, It’s so good to hear from you. Thank you for your kind thoughts and back at you. Like you, when I do bring up my head, I wonder how things will be after this is over. I am not sure when this will be over. I can imagine how hard teleworking is–esp remembering my tech issues when I worked with APS, hahahahaha!!!! or with CAL. I still am on the LINCS lists and the talk is all about how to effectively work with/assist learners in an online format. So much of, at least in my teaching style, was the actual human interaction–how to manage online? On the other hand, with VA schools closed, are you still having classes remotely? Anyhow, I can imagine the many difficulties–best to Susan, Jennifer, and the rest of your team. I just passed on your virtual hug to Tom and he also is ready for the dinners and good company to begin again. I am glad to hear that your family is well including the two babies and their moms and dads. We miss our children and family, and keep up by text, phone, etc, but it isn’t the same. We had planned a brief trip up to see family in Pittsburgh and Cleveland in April and that isn’t happening. I really don’t want powers that be (or the mob) declaring the pandemic over before things really have calmed down, so I am guessing we aren’t going anywhere in May either, but I digress and don’t want to fall into the Slough of Despond on this beaufiful morning. At least it is Friday so you can soon forget about platforms and FCPS for the weekend. Love to you, friend and see you, I hope, some month soon.


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