The Wedding Quilt

To me, the title of this post sounds like these words should be in an anthology of sentimental pioneer stories written in the late 1800s.  This is the title I want, however, so I am wondering where these words will lead me.

Looking Backward: Forty years ago next June, my sister-in-law, Betsy, made my husband, Tom, and me a quilt as our wedding gift.  It took many months for the whole project to come together.  Tom drew Hopi designs (or at least what Frank Waters thought were Hopi designs) on squares of cloth and Betsy embroidered them. She patched these squares together with squares of cloth she had taken from old shirts, skirts, and jeans.  The skeleton around the patches was dark blue broadcloth (I think that’s what you call it). The quilt warmed our beds in our dumpy Salt Lake City apartments. The quilt was bright, bold, and strong, just as we all felt back then.

quilt detail: turtle

quilt detail: turtle

I gather now that I wasn’t supposed to wash the quilt as much as I did. However, there were  the two of us and two babies (mewling and puking), and I  like things clean. Please keep this in mind for a few paragraphs.

quilt detail: Hopi figure

quilt detail: Hopi figure

Way Back: I never could sew and I can’t sew now. I mean, I can sew on buttons and fix little rips and that is  it.  Because I wanted to make Christmas gifts by hand for my kids and because I was poor, I did piece together a few  flannel nightgowns, some stuffed animals, and, I believe, a Superman cape for Robert, and sleeping bags for Martha the doll and Railroad Dog the stuffed animal.  Way Way Back: I’m so old, I was required to take Home Ec when I was in 7th grade.  I made the worst, the ugliest, the craziest-pleated kilt in Milford (MI)  Junior High  history.  I kept it for years, although I do not know why.  Please keep this mind, too.

quilt detail: sun figure

quilt detail: sun figure

Fifteen Years Ago: Some of the patches on the wedding quilt were falling apart. Maybe I had washed it too much.   A few patches almost disappeared along with some of the embroidery. We bought bright—but not as bright—quilts and coverlets at L.L. Bean and  packed the wedding quilt away.

Not Too Many Years Ago: Tom and I started thinking about what we might do when we retired.  We planned to travel back to Utah and explore the places we’d missed, like Capitol Reef and Escalante.  We told Betsy we’d pick her up from her little Utah town and go adventuring together again.

Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef

Five Years Ago: Betsy just up and died and we miss her.

2013: A) Tom and I went adventuring on the Colorado Plateau. We saw Black Dragon Canyon with Blaine and Bonnie, but Betsy, their dear friend, wasn’t there.  We camped in Capitol Reef and it was even better than we had imagined. B) We got back to our house in Charlottesville, Virginia. We took some paintings out of storage.  The wedding quilt was protecting one of the paintings.  We lay the quilt on the lawn and saw that, really, only a handful of patches needed to be repaired.

quilt on lawn

quilt on lawn

Two Weeks Ago: I can’t sew worth anything, but I finished repairing the wedding quilt.  It lies now on our bed and we will put it in the camper to go back to Utah when the new year comes. Although the quilt, and we ourselves, are not as bright, bold, and strong as when we were young, it’s alright, and, this time, Betsy will come along with us.

quilt repaired

quilt, repaired

Here’s the song that always reminded us of Betsy:

Oh, had I a golden thread
And a needle so fine
I’ve weave a magic strand
Of rainbow design
Of rainbow design.

In it I’d weave the bravery
Of women giving birth,
In it I would weave the innocence
Of children over all the earth,
Children of all earth.

Show my brothers and sisters
My rainbow design,
Bind up this sorry world
With hand and heart and mind,
Hand and heart and mind.

(The Judy Collins version (from Whales and Nightingales, 1970)  of “Oh, Had I a Golden Thread” by Pete Seeger, 1959)

5 thoughts on “The Wedding Quilt

  1. Ruth Terrill

    Dear Lynda, I loved this story. I did not know Betsy made you a quilt, but she made one for Bonnie and I love it. You are, quite simply, a beautiful writer. I sat on your story for three days. It stirred many emotions. Thank you for another memory to put into my Betsy, Tommy and Lynda cache. I am so grateful for my family. Love, Ruthie.

    1. lyndaterrill Post author

      Hi, Ruth,
      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, we’ve had the quilt all along and Betsy made baby quilts for the children as well. I am pretty sure those disappeared.

      1. Ruth Terrill

        What I always think of is how much Betsy loved Joni Mitchell.When I was twelve dad and mom took Penny and I to this great campground near Orlando. You and Tom sent me that tape, Ladies of the Canyon and Tapestry by Carole King. Great introduction to good music! And it was grand! I will never forget. Blessed be.Channeling our sweet Betsy here!xoxo

  2. Tiffany

    Lynda, I loved reading this beautiful thoughtful emotional story of your quilt and your friends. Touching story and beautiful pictures brought this moment to life in your blog. Happy travels!


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